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Wed, 12.08.2020
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Charmaine McMahon participates in the SWISSARTEXPO with her refined works of narrative, vision and epitomises identity
Visit the works of Charmaine McMahon from 20 - 24 August 2020 at Zurich Main Station
"Soul mirror"
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Zurich (ptp029/12.08.2020/11:00) - The artist Charmaine McMahon announces today that her original artworks will be represented at the SWISSARTEXPO from 20 - 24 August 2020 in Zurich's main railway station. Her recently published art catalogue will also be available on site. The SWISSARTEXPO is an art festival in the heart of Zurich, where artists of all styles come together to create a diverse and colourful exhibition in one of the most visited halls in Europe.

Charmaine McMahon's artwork, which is based on portraiture, figurative form and narrative, is the result of a strong interest in perception, identity and culture. Due to personal circumstances, a period of self-reflection and renewed inspiration and conviction in her talent and creativity, she has immersed herself in the exploration of the various relationships between conception, op-Art, modernity and realism. From Irish decent, born in South Africa, this artistic genius creates modern portraits and figurative paintings in oil and acrylic. Her art is influenced by a magical blend of past techniques from the Old Masters combined with the influences of modern contemporary styles.

For Charmaine McMahon, the power of capturing the quintessence and subtle nuances of facial expressions, their depth, gestures and balancing this in perfect harmony with the inner soul of her motives are always in the foreground. She has a strong interest in the exploration of society, cultural differences and composes unique artworks from live models and photographs. In particular, themes such as perception, identity, culture and power relations appeal to the empathy and reflection of the viewer.

With fantastic nuances of colour and detail, she explores, deconstructs and captures the artistic concepts, harmoniously balanced between the short-lived aspect of Impressionism and the more avant-garde styles of Fauvism. In this way, McMahon aims to show what lies beneath the surface of a facial expression is infinitely more intriguing than its impassive gaze may suggest. She speculates about the enigmas, the identities and the stories behind people's everyday facades and that of the inner soul. Psychology, morality and humanity always play a decisive role as well.

Charmaine McMahon will directly address every visitor of the SWISSARTEXPO 2020 with her artworks which will be exhibited in their original form. Extraordinary shades of colour and precise lines are aimed specifically at revealing the expression and inner soul of her creations. In her newly published art catalogue, which will also be available on site, visitors can delve even deeper into the creative work of Charmaine McMahon.

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