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Fri, 06.12.2019
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Mirella Thuja - Art as an Element of Life
From 2 - 8 December, the enchanting artworks by Mirella Thuja will be presented digitally in Miami
"Trilogie Blau"
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Zurich, Switzerland/Miami (ptp015/06.12.2019/12:00) - Thuja reports about herself and her work:

As a studied lawyer and trained alternative practitioner I remembered my very personal need, which has always accompanied my life - painting. Expressing myself in forms and colours and processing all emotions in pictures has been my very personal passion since my earliest childhood. For me, art is a direct, sensual and physical experience, so I often paint with my fingers. Tangible and full of fantasy and creativity, painting has become a means for the transmission of the inner self to the public experience. For me painting is a MUST, a need to express my soul. In my works I bring this passion to life and give shape to the impressions of my life. In light-flooded stagings I represent the glow of my environment and want to convey a positive feeling to the viewer. All forms, things and circumstances of daily life, unforgettable experience and fate have a continuous influence on the situation of being and in my pictures I give these moments a memory with charisma. My passion is to seize people with my pictures in their souls and to immerse them in a world that makes them want new experiences and invites them to dream.

Refined acrylic works on canvas and harmonious mixed techniques on paper characterize my varied repertoire. Also high-quality materials like gold leafs, yellow gold or white gold give my artworks an unforgettable artistic value and set the topic light perfectly in scene. Daily, but also special impressions of life are my muse and the hope and the overcoming of strokes of fate draw my art. It is personal, dreamy and always gives strength and courage to illuminate life from many sides. Just as the lightfall determines my works, so also the incidence of light determines our being, our thoughts and our feelings. Without light and its warmth, periods of life are dark and exhausting. A concise or hidden glimmer can create a completely new atmosphere, an indicator of a change to the positive and a focus on other perspectives. Combined with colours and creative designs, meaningful and memorable images full of life and grace are created.

During the high-quality digital presentation at ARTBOX.PROJECT Miami 2.0, an exclusive new catalogue by Mirella Thuja will also be published, giving every visitor an impressive perspective on the work of the passionate artist.

The catalogue can now also be ordered via the following link:

On Instagram, the artist can be found at @mirellathuja or at the following link:

Contact: Jenny-Rose Zenklusen
Phone: +41 797880202