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Wed, 27.11.2019
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Fantastic Realism - Arthena Maxx' artworks travel around the world
The Austrian artist Arthena Maxx presents her artworks in Miami
"Artmodels" by Arthena Maxx
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Zurich, Switzerland/Miami (ptp032/27.11.2019/14:00) - The artist Arthena Maxx, who lives in Austria, will digitally present an exquisite selection of her works during the Miami Art Week as part of the ARTBOX.PROJECT Miami 2.0. The ARTBOX.PROJECT Miami 2.0 will take place in an art gallery in the Wynwood art district from 2 to 8 December, close to the world-famous Wynwood Walls and the annual Art Basel fair. Earlier this year, her works were already exhibited at various art hotspots around the world. In May 2019 she took part in the Art Beijing 2019 art fair in China and she also presented her art to the public during the art project ARTBOX.PROJECT Z├╝rich 1.0 in Zurich's main railway station hall in Switzerland.

Arthena Maxx already proved to be very artistically gifted at kindergarten age. Nevertheless, she first devoted herself to a technical education and a university degree in real estate management. She also proved her financial skills by pursuing an international career as a business incubator before turning professionally to art. Since 2013, the mother of three has worked intensively as a freelance artist and enjoys dedicating her time to a passion that has accompanied her all her life. Her artist name "Arthena Maxx" is also a testimony to her great devotion to art. She chose the name Arthena as a sign for her artistic soul and Maxx for the maximum she intends to invest into art.

Arthena projects her ideas not only onto canvases, but also onto clothing, tapestries, or brings them to life as sculptures. She works with various materials and mixed techniques, which together create a harmonious and unique overall picture that can be attributed to fantastic realism. A recurring motif in her works is the eye that fascinates Arthena and which she reinvents in new and creative ways. For her, the eyes are the instrument for depicting world events, the critical and the beautiful. Art experts describe her works as a symphony of creativity.

Furthermore, Arthena recently published two new art catalogues. The catalogue "Artdress Arthena Maxx" presents photographs of her works from the ARTDRESS & ARTMODEL series created from garments and other clothing material. The catalogue is available at:

The catalogue "Arthena Maxx" gives art lovers an insight into Athena's painted works of art in the style of fantastic realism. This catalogue can be ordered here:

All art lovers are cordially invited to visit Arthena Maxx's artworks during the ARTBOX.PROJECT Miami 2.0 from 2 to 8 December at the Eduardo Lira Art Gallery on 2nd Avenue in Wynwood, Miami.

Further information about the artistic work of Arthena Maxx, as well as current works of art can be found on her website:

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