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Fri, 08.11.2019
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Belgian art in Zurich: Geneviève Nicolas' artwork to be shown in the ARTBOX.GALLERY
The Belgian artist combines tension, depth and tenderness in her artworks
Démantèlement de l'ombre by Geneviève N.
Démantèlement de l'ombre by Geneviève N.
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Zurich, Switzerland (ptp026/08.11.2019/14:00) - The Belgian artist Geneviève Nicolas announces today that her abstract artworks will be exhibited continuously in the ARTBOX.GALLERY in Zurich, Switzerland. After her art has already been presented digitally in the same gallery in September, it will also be showcased there during the whole month of November.

The 1947 born artist has dedicated three decades of her life to her art. Since 2003 she has taken part in over 20 exhibitions and art competitions worldwide. In the first few years of her artistic career, she mainly exhibited in her home country of Belgium, later she expanded on other continents such as Asia and America. She has also previously worked with the ARTBOX.GALLERY as part of ARTBOX.PROJECTS, where she displayed her art digitally in New York and Miami during the world-renowned Miami Art Week.

The creation of her artworks is a multi-part process. At first she primes each canvas with a bold, gestural application of acrylic paint in preparation for the subsequent essential painting process with oil paint, with which she elaborates and positions the shapes on the canvas with the utmost care. This creates a three-dimensionality that lends spatial depth to the works. It is indeed the openings within the structures and the spatial depth, together with the impressive light effects, that lend the compositions tension and at the same time a certain delicacy. Through her abstract approach, she finds the freedom to express herself without censorship or restraint. Her inner emotions inspire her to such sensitive pieces of art.

Geneviève Nicolas describes herself as a "woman of the night", but in many of her pieces there is an element of light, a break in the canvas through which she and the viewer enter. She comments that through her paintings she aims to discover more about herself - a self-reflective experience that may be shared by a sensitive viewer.

Furthermore, Nicolas recently published her new artist catalogue. On 24 pages, she offers readers a unique insight into his artistic work. The catalogue is available at:

Further information on Geneviève Nicolas' creative work can be found on her website:

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