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Fri, 01.11.2019
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The distinguished artist and instructor Edward M. Donald continuously exhibits his art in Zurich
Edward M. Donald at the ARTBOX.GALLERY
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Zurich, Switzerland (ptp004/01.11.2019/14:00) - After presenting his original artworks at the art festival SWISSARTEXPO in Zurich, the American artist Edward M. Donald continues his journey in Switzerland by exhibiting his art at the ARTBOX.GALLERY in November and December of this year. "We were very happy about the valuable contribution Edward M. Donald made yet again with his works. We received a lot of positive feedback from the visitors," says Patricia Zenklusen, CVO of SWISSARTEXPO. Donald has followed the ARTBOX.PROJECT, which was part of the SWISSARTEXPO, all around the world with stops in Basel and New York, before joining the exhibition in Zurich with his physical artworks.

Edward M. Donald has had a long and successful career as an applied artist focused on graphic communications, design and illustration. However, fine arts were never far from his heart or training. He has yet dedicated over five decades of his life to art - not only by applying his considerable skill set commercially, but also by passing on his artistic knowledge to students in several schools. Consistently and faithfully, he has taught young artists at the Cambrian College of Applied Arts & Technology in Canada, as well as at the College for Creative Studies in the USA where he contributes to the Depart- ment of Precollege and Continuing Studies to this day.

In addition to his honorable contribution as an art professor, he has pursued an artistic career on his own. He has been part of the Brooklyn Art Library and the Gold Medal Exhibition of the Scarab Club of Detroit for several years, among other projects. Recently, his work has captured the interest of collectors in North America and Europe.

The biggest inspiration for Edward M. Donald has been the work of German Expressio- nist artists. His choice of material, which includes acrylic polymer paint, ink, pastels, charcoal and a lot more, is a reflection of seeking and a desire to find those visual voices that do not always harmonize but in their distinctive expression create the texture of one's life.

He focuses on capturing the human spirit through a subjective color palette and encouraging viewers to complete each image with their own thoughts and dreams. Donald sees the act of drawing and painting as a conversation and shared experience with those who witness it. His latest works of art are human studies which concentrate on an emotional search for content rather than technical aspects such as sight measurement or light management.

Furthermore, Edward M. Donald recently published a new artist catalogue. On 12 pages, the artist offers readers a unique insight into his artistic work. The catalogue is available at:

For all art-lovers who would like to see his artworks live are cordially invited to visit the ARTBOX.GALLERY from November 1st to December 31st 2019 at Giessereistrasse 1, 8005 Zurich in Switzerland.

Further information about Edward M. Donald's work can be found on his website:

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