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Mon, 16.09.2019
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The renowned artist Horst Gutbrod presented his works of art exclusively at the SWISSARTEXPO
Horst Gutbrod at the SWISSARTEXPO 2019
"The Fairies Leave Europe"
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Zurich, Switzerland (ptp030/16.09.2019/14:00) - Always involved in contemporary affairs, Horst Gutbrod presented some of his expres- sive paintings as part of the ARTBOX.PROJECT Z├╝rich 1.0 at SWISSARTEXPO in Zurich - an art exhibition that uses new technologies to present art. After Gutbrod had already exhibited in Frankfurt's Paulskirche, galleries in Frankfurt, Trier, Hamburg, Basel, Miami and New York, as well as at the HanseArt art fair in Bremen, and one of his pain- tings was auctioned in the Savile Club, Mayfair London, art lovers could now admire the works of the time-critical painter from 16th to 19th August 2019 in the SBB Event Hall in Zurich's main station. His breathtaking works were shown on the 16 screens of the Walk of Art during all exhibition days. "We were very happy about the valuable contribution Horst Gutbrod made with his works. We received a lot of positive feedback from the visitors," says Patricia Zenklusen, CVO of SWISSARTEXPO.

Gutbrod's works are characterised by challenging themes from literature, philosophy, mythology and evolution. With his Latin slogan LEX MIHI ARS, which means "art is my law", Gutbrod appeals to common sense and requires a certain degree of empathy and intelligence from his audience.

The memorable artist wants his paintings not only to be seen, but also understood. With his two paintings "The Fairies Leave Europe" and "Ashes To Ashes Water To Waste", among others, he creates a thoughtful and exciting atmosphere in the viewers. Not immediately the title of the artworks can be found again in the realization, but with a closer and longer look more and more details can be found and finally his plausible and consciousness expanding overall concept emerges.

Gutbrod explains his paintings as follows: "You have to take a closer look to find an access. Not everyone's cup of tea these days. However, a broadening of perspective is worthwhile, as the attentive observer knows how to report. A trained eye delights beyond the perception of colour and recognizes the things of being behind which I look and which I interpret - time-critically and aesthetically - with the pictorial language developed by me."

Horst Gutbrod also recently published his new artist catalogue. On 24 pages, the artist offers readers a unique insight into his artistic work. The catalogue is available at:

Further information on his works and upcoming exhibitions can be found at the following link:

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