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Fri, 16.08.2019
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Art from Israel to be shown at the SWISSARTEXPO
Orit Sharbat at the SWISSARTEXPO
Orit Sharbat
Orit Sharbat
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Zurich, Switzerland (ptp016/16.08.2019/14:00) - The Israeli artist Orit Sharbat announced today that she will be participating in the SWISSARTEXPO as part of the ARTBOX.PROJECT Zurich 1.0 with several of her artworks. The art festival, which is expected to attract around 400,000 visitors, will take place from 15th to 19th August 2019 in Zurich's Main Station Hall.

Orit Sharbat, who now lives and works in Tel Aviv, has studied art in various schools in Israel. Among others, she graduated from the school "Hamidrasha" in the area of oil painting on fabric. However, her materials of choice are oil paint and acrylic on canvas. Her authentic style is composed of powerful and expressive colours, which are perfectly enhanced by the materials used. Her works of art consist of multiple layers of thick paint, which might seem like a smooth surface at first glance. However, when looking at the artworks for a longer time, it becomes noticeable that many other layers are hidden behind this superficiality, which slowly but surely emerge over time. This technique absolutely confirms Orit Sharbat's adage, that there is more than what meets the eye at first sight.

Her source of inspiration is deeply rooted in the western culture. Orit Sharbat not only draws inspiration from artists like Jackson Pollok, Salvador Dali or Claude Monet, but also from the world of music, cinema and theater. All of those inputs complete her figurative and abstract style. When creating a new piece, Sharbat starts painting in a very structured way and with a lot of self-control. But as the process advances, she loses herself in the natural development of creativity. In this process of creation, the connection between colors and spirituality are always present. Sharbat summarizes this beautifully in the following words: "Inside of me, I see everything in colors, including my own thoughts and feelings". Her soul loves to travel freely through the garden of her feelings, from one place of emotion to another.

Furthermore, Orit Sharbat announced today the publication of her new art catalogue. In her artist's catalogue, she presents various works of art from her artistic oeuvre. Thanks to the excellent quality of the print, the paintings are shown to their best advantage and arouse the interest of the readers. The catalogue will also be shown at the Swiss art festival SWISSARTEXPO in Zurich. All art lovers are cordially invited to view Orit Sharbat's new art catalogue live in Zurich during this time.

The art catalogue of Orit Sharbat can now also be ordered on

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