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Wed, 31.07.2019
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The art of Steven Thoelen a.k.a EMOFRAGMATOR will be presented this August in Zurich
Steven Thoelen at the SWISSARTEXPO
EMOARMADA by Steven Thoelen
EMOARMADA by Steven Thoelen
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Zürich, Switzerland (ptp035/31.07.2019/14:00) - The artist Steven Thoelen a.k.a EMOFRAGMATOR announced today that his artwork "RANDOM FOMO" will be exhibited at this year's SWISSARTEXPO in Zurich. The Swiss Art Festival will take place from 15th to 19th August in Zurich's Central Station Hall - around 400,000 visitors are expected.

Steven Thoelen (Born in 1978 - Belgium) is best known for his fine-art photography that portrays fantasy experiences through 'a chain of wonder'. His elaborate compositions consist of emotional shots that depict the heat of the moment in a narrative story. They are artworks that unfailingly add moments of drama to interiors, an ingredient Steven regards as vital. He explains: "I think of photography as a medicine for my soul, not just taking pretty photos. In fact, as a self-made director, I transform ordinary situations into unique moments. bet you're wondering just what the hell this drug does to me. Alright, check out the link below* and experience it for yourself".

Thoelen's new media art projects are guided by the design aesthetics and flamboyant fashions of the time, with digital artworks containing up to 20 photos photographed by the artist himself and achieved with self-induced emotions. He seeks to break with tradition and reset the interior mood barometer with his creations. "We are very much looking forward to welcoming Steven Thoelen to this year's SWISSARTEXPO. We are convinced that his unique and captivating style will be very much appreciated by our visitors", explains Patricia Zenklusen, Director of SWISSARTEXPO, on request.

Steven Thoelen gave the following comment: "I have been selected by the jury of the Swiss Art Expo and I am so proud to be part of this prestigious event - it's such an honour! I proudly present to you my new photographic recital: RANDOM FOMO. It's a fictitious narrative to glorify the concept of karma, as brittle as glass. A creative story with a master scene that reflects the personality, strengths and weaknesses unique to each person. Amplify your reflection and feel the emotions as I felt them when I created it! I'd love to invite you on a journey of life through time, in Zürich. Right. Talk to you there!"

In addition, Steven Thoelen today announced the publication of his newly appeared art catalogue. In this catalogue he presents a variation of his iconic works. Thanks to the high print quality and the uniqueness of the shown works, this catalogue is very convincing and can quickly arouse the interest of the readers. In addition to his great work RANDOM FOMO, also this catalogue will be on display at the SWISSARTEXPO!

The catalogue can now be ordered on and Amazon.

Further information about the artist and his current work can be found on his website:


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