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Thu, 18.07.2019
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Swiss artist Lea Klaus enchants with a new art catalogue
Lea Klaus presents various works in her new art catalogue
Artwork by Lea Klaus
Artwork by Lea Klaus
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Zurich (ptp022/18.07.2019/14:00) - The artist Lea Klaus, born in Switzerland in 1964, today presents her newly published art catalogue. On 24 pages she presents 18 exquisite works from her artistic oeuvre. The works shown come from various series by the artist and wonderfully reflect her creative diversity.

Only a short time after Lea Klaus had completed her basic studies as a hairdresser, she decided in 1992 to devote herself entirely to art. She has always experimented with various techniques, from acrylic and ballpoint pens to oil crayon, and has managed to harmoniously unite them into a great whole. It is easy to see out of her works that Lea Klaus masters her craft well. She skillfully sets expressive accents and integrates eye-catching colours into her works, which are able to attract the attention of the viewer effortlessly. "With my art I invite the viewer on a journey that brings a smile, touches the heart and encourages to believe in shooting stars. All this and a lot of positive energy I would like to give away", explains the artist.

When asked where she takes the inspiration for her pictures from, Lea Klaus replies: "A delicate dewdrop that reflects the colours of the rainbow, the song of the whales that is about love, a colourful flower meadow, cloud pictures that pass by. The lightness with which an infant paints inspires me to have the courage to create my own art. It is an Indian wisdom that says that the secret of art lies in being oneself".

Her new art catalogue will be presented at the Swiss art festival SWISSARTEXPO as a big kick-off. The exhibition will take place from 15th to 19th August 2019 in the SBB Event Hall at Zurich Central Station - around 400,000 visitors are expected. Anyone wishing to see for themselves the unique works in the high-quality catalogue will have the chance to do so live during this time in Zurich.

The art catalogue of Lea Klaus can now also be ordered on and Amazon.

Further information about the artistic work of Lea Klaus as well as current artworks can be found on her website:

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