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Sun, 14.07.2019
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Greek artist in Zurich: Angie Antonakis' artwork to be shown at SWISSARTEXPO
Angie Antonakis at the SWISSARTEXPO
Phantom of the Opera by Angie Antonakis
Phantom of the Opera by Angie Antonakis
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Zurich, Switzerland (ptp002/14.07.2019/14:00) - The artist Angie Antonakis, born in Sparta, Greece, announces today that she will be present with five of her artworks at the SWISSARTEXPO art festival in August 2019 as part of the ARTBOX.PROJECT Zürich 1.0. The exhibition will take place from 15th to 19th August 2019 in Zurich's Main Station Hall - around 400,000 visitors are to be expected.

Angie Antonakis spent a large part of her childhood in Quebec, Canada, where she also completed College in Social Studies. Already back then she was fascinated by artistic creation and enthusiastically attended several art classes. However, after graduating, she had to take a different path in order to support her family financially. She found a job in the real estate business and emigrated to the USA with her husband and children. While raising her children, she continued to devote herself passionately to art. She even served as president of the Parsons-Bruce Art Association in South Boston, Virginia. She was also substantially involved in the renovation of a tobacco factory that was transformed into an art center.

When she tidied up her sister's art studio in 2015, she randomly picked up a spatula and for the first time created a work of art on canvas, as will be seen at the SWISSARTEXPO. She magically creates abstract, lyrical worlds on a black background with lively acrylic colours. "My work shows the contrast of the eternal struggle of humanity between the darkness that is hidden in each one of us and the living light that reveals itself in our most difficult times," explains Angie Antonakis. By creating these pieces, she has succeeded in emerging victoriously from the struggle against her inner self, and she hopes that her works will inspire others to do the same. Looking at her works, it quickly becomes clear with what great emotion the artist creates her paintings. The abstract forms and lively colours are able to captivate and fascinate the viewer immediately.

Further on today Angie Antonakis announces the publication of her new art catalogue. In her new art catalogue she presents eighteen different works of art from her artistic work. These include works such as "Phantom Of The Opera" and "Narnia", which will also be presented at SWISSARTEXPO. Thanks to the very high quality printed catalogues, the paintings on display are shown to their best advantage and arouse the interest of readers. The catalogue will also be shown at the Swiss art festival SWISSARTEXPO in Zurich. All art lovers are cordially invited to view Angie Antonakis' new art catalogue live in Zurich during this time.

Angie Antonakis' art catalogue can now also be ordered on

Further information on the creative work of Angie Antonakis can be found on her website:

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