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Sat, 25.05.2019
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Philippine masterpieces at the SWISSARTEXPO
Sal Ponce Enrile at the SWISSARTEXPO
Logo Sal Ponce Enrile
Logo Sal Ponce Enrile
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Zurich, Switzerland (ptp005/25.05.2019/11:05) - The Philippine artist Sal Ponce Enrile announced today that she will be participating in the SWISSARTEXPO art festival in August 2019 with her artwork "Village" as part of the ARTBOX.PROJECT Zurich 1.0. The exhibition, which is expected to attract around 400,000 visitors, will take place from 15th to 19th August 2019 in Zurich's Main Station Hall.

Sal Ponce Enrile decided some time ago to give up her ministry as legislator in her native Philippines in order to embark on a path that would allow her to live her true passion and to fully live out her true identity in an authentic way. As an emancipated woman, the artist also makes a valuable contribution to paving the way for her companions and to setting an example as a female artist in a traditionally male-dominated art movement.

Looking at her works, one quickly realizes the great passion with which Sal Ponce Enrile takes care of her art. With a combination of mixed techniques, acrylic and various other textures, she creates colourful poetic works on canvas that are able to captivate the viewer immediately. With the skilful use of rich colours and contrasting textures, the artist succeeds in creating expressive paintings that reflect the subtleties and complexity of her personal experiences as a woman of the 21st century.

Sal Ponce Enrile also announces today the publication of her new art catalogue. In her new art catalogue she presents various works of art from her artistic oeuvre. Among other titles, the catalogue presents impressive works such as "REDEMPTION" and "BLUE". Thanks to the excellent quality of the print, the paintings are shown to their best advantage and arouse the interest of the readers. The catalogue will also be shown at the Swiss art festival SWISSARTEXPO in Zurich. All art lovers are cordially invited to view Sal Ponce Enrile's new art catalogue live in Zurich during this time.

The art catalogue of Sal Ponce Enrile can now also be ordered on:

Further information on Sal Ponce Enrile's creative work can be found on her website or her social media accounts Instagram and Facebook: @SalPonceEnrile

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