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Fri, 13.04.2018
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ARTBOX PROJECT New York 1.0 a great success
ARTBOX PROJECTS takes new ways at Armory Artweeks
ARTBOX PROJECT New York 1.0 (© Patricia Zenklusen)
ARTBOX PROJECT New York 1.0 (© Patricia Zenklusen)

New York/Zurich (ptp006/13.04.2018/09:00) - The ARTBOX.PROJECT New York 1.0 was in New York during the Armory Art Weeks in March. The Armory Art Weeks is one of the world's most important art exhibitions.

The artworks of the ARTBOX.PROJECT New York 1.0 were exhibited at the Stricoff Fine Art Gallery in Chelsea, the art district of New York, during New Yorks two most important art weeks. The exhibition was entirely made up of young, fresh and aspiring artists. This concept attracted a diverse variety of visitors to the gallery each day, which had a prime location next to other galleries and museums. Due to the diversity of the works of art, the ARTBOX.PROJECT showed a broad spectrum of techniques, possibilities and trends in the art world.

In addition to the high quality art, a very helpful team was present to answer all questions about the works of art.

A Art-party instead of a vernissage

The organizers of the ARTBOX.PROJECT bring a new wind to the art scene with their model. With the Art Party, the ARTBOX.PROJECT invites you to a relaxed aperitif in the middle of the exhibition to marvel at the works of art and to get to know the artists personally. Many new and exciting contacts were made. The large crowds at the art party showed big interest in meeting the artists.

The successful concept with the large LED wall, the semi-finalists and finalists has made the art world sit up and take notice that the new forms of technology do not stop at art. The concept also left a lasting impression on the visitors, who were keen to find out when and where the next ARTBOX.PROJECT would take place.

What can already be announced today is that the ARTBOX.PROJECT is scheduled for September 2019 in Zurich. How it is built and what else is planned remains a secret. The art community is already looking forward to receiving further information about the next ARTBOX.PROJECT.

Contact: Patricia Zenklusen
Phone: +41 79 7880202