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Thu, 08.09.2016
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The industrial furnaces from the Swiss Company SAFED come from Austria now
Production has been transferred to AICHELIN in Mödling
AICHELIN to reach new clientele
AICHELIN to reach new clientele
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Mödling (ptp009/08.09.2016/10:00) - AICHELIN Ges.m.b.H. together with the Swiss affiliate SAFED Suisse S.A., Mödling has realized the order for a conveyor belt furnace with salt quenching for an Italian automotive supplier. This SAFED plant for heat treatment was built and tested at AICHELIN in the Lower Austrian City of Mödling. This salt quenching equipment allows AICHELIN to reach new clientele.

Since 2007 the Swiss Heat Treatment Furnace Producer SAFED has been a part of AICHELIN Group. In 2013 the production of industrial furnaces was transferred to Mödling, Austria. The facilities in Lower Austria will continue to provide the quality to which SAFED customers are accustomed, as proven by construction of these conveyor belt furnaces for heat treatment of chain parts with salt quenching for an Italian customer.

The order from the chain link factory was concluded by SAFED in Switzerland before the transfer. 80 percent of the work, however, was performed in Mödling. Head of SAFED Austria Martin Preisl: "Several years ago SAFED already supplied two plants to this customer, who was and still is quite satisfied. Of course it was necessary for our new production facilities to meet their high expectations."

Quality Over Price

This was clearly successful: Since April 2014 the 27 meter long conveyor belt furnace has been in operation to the full satisfaction of the customer, as Preisl confirms. This reliability of the equipment from SAFED was also the reason for the choice, according to Preisl. "One competitor from Italy offered a significantly lower price. Nevertheless we received the contract - because we are known for our quality and reliability." The production reliability of SAFED equipment is part of the company's basic knowhow.

For AICHELIN the implementation of this contract was more than just a commercial success; it has also allowed the company to gain a great deal of experience. Up to that time, the salt bath technology in belt furnaces had not been applied so intensively at AICHELIN. "This equipment has provided us with an additional supporting leg." Nearly 20 to 30 percent of all requests for SAFED plants include salt bath equipment. For a while, according to the Head of SAFED Austria there was a trend away from salt quenching, however this has died down. "In terms of production technology, the salt bath method is virtually irreplaceable."

Expansion of Clientele

Expansion of the salt bath line has also increased our clientele, adds Preisl: "This technology is not only interesting for automotive suppliers. Manufacturers of bolts, fittings and chain saws also have requirements for salt bath equipment."

Even though production of SAFED equipment has now been transferred to AICHELIN in Mödling, the brand will continue to exist. In addition to the tempering and carburization processes, SAFED equipment is also used for sintering and soldering processes as well as heat treatment of aluminum and coins. Approximately 30 employees still work at the SAFED facilities in Switzerland, primarily in the areas of service, conversion and replacement parts. Moreover miniature heat treatment systems are also produced there for use in the Swiss watch and precision parts industry.

About AICHELIN Holding
The AICHELIN Group is part of the Berndorf Corporation and is active in production of and after-sales service on industrial furnace equipment for various industrial sectors including the area of induction heating as well a production of industrial gas burner systems. The Group operates production sites in Austria, the USA, China and India. AICHELIN is one of the world's largest manufacturer of heat treatment plants.

AICHELIN Ges.m.b.H. in Mödling presently has a staff of 85 employees. AICHELIN Mödling export quota is higher than 90 percent. Major markets include Germany, Sweden, Italy, France, and the Netherlands as well as China, Taiwan and Vietnam.

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