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Wed, 10.02.2016
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Aichelin Unitherm India at the Top
New Double Decker Roller Hearth Furnace Line Completed
Double Decker Roller Hearth Furnace Line
Double Decker Roller Hearth Furnace Line
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Mödling/Pune (ptp021/10.02.2016/12:45) - Aichelin Unitherm India, a JV company of AICHELIN Group and one of the leading manufacturers of heat treatment furnaces in India, has received an order from Hirschvogel Components India for the supply of a special double decker roller hearth furnace line for isothermal annealing, normalizing and stress relieving for cold forged shafts and billets.

The furnace line has been specially designed jointly with AICHELIN group companies in Austria and China, with the low temperature furnace mounted as double deck on the high temperature furnace to utilize vertical space, with a maximum throughput of 1800 kg/hr. The furnace line is fully automatic from loading till unloading of parts in the customer's trays and will be manufactured using only electrical components in compliance with CE standards and safety features equivalent to European standards and will meet the requirements of CQI 9 and AMS 2750 D. The furnace plant will be executed on turnkey basis and is expected to start producing by June 2016.

About Unitherm
Aichelin Unitherm a Joint Venture Company founded in 2010, is one of the technology leaders in the manufacturing of high quality industrial equipment and systems for thermal and thermo-chemical heat treatment of metallic components and employs 100 people. Each of our systems is tailored to individual customer requirements. Our product range is complemented by cleaning equipment "Flexiclean", gas generators "Endomat" and the process control system "FOCOS" for the entire line. A broad-based after-sales service at 4 regions in India provides our customers with spare parts and other services, such as conversions, customer training and much more.

About AICHELIN Holding
Since 1868, AICHELIN Group is one of the leading providers of heat treatment plants for metal components and employs about 1100 people. In addition to the production and servicing of industrial furnaces for various industries, AICHELIN Group also produces induction heating plants as well as industrial gas burner systems. Aichelin Group uses its own facilities in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Slovenia, USA, China and India.

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