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Tue, 10.11.2015
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Industrial furnace manufacturer BOSIO steps up its business in Western Europe
Slovenian AICHELIN subsidiary leverages synergies in its expansion onto new markets
Peter Schobesberger and Hugo Bosio
Peter Schobesberger and Hugo Bosio
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Vienna/Celje (ptp013/10.11.2015/10:00) - The Slovenian industrial furnace manufacturer BOSIO increases its commitment in Western Europe. Seasoned professional Daniel Zimmerman has been appointed new Head of Sales and Marketing. The company with extensive experience in heat treatment plants in Southeast Europe attracts business from the steel and forging industry, supplying shaft furnace up to heights of 22 meters, large chamber furnaces and bogie hearth furnaces.

"Our objective is to expand both our presence and network in the West, the German steel industry being our initial target. We are able to execute three to five major contracts per year. Further to gaining additional market shares, this will assure diversification of our export business", explains founder and managing director of BOSIO, Hugo Bosio, who has been thus far mainly active in the Balkans and Russia.


When approaching clients, the furnace manufacturer specifically relies on performance, energy efficiency and operational reliability of its heat treatment plants, in addition to low exhaust gas emissions and low maintenance and repair costs. Clients profit from the extraordinary product qualities as well as the strategic and operational cooperation with the Austrian parent company and principal shareholder AICHELIN. BOSIO leverages valuable synergetic effects - in areas such as development, exchange of know - how, sales and production.

The finely meshed distribution and extensive after-sales-services by AICHELIN are an added advantage. From now on, BOSIO-clients will be able to benefit as well. They will be able to rely on a comprehensive and optimal all-round service package. BOSIO´s main business focus is large chamber furnaces and bogie hearth furnaces used in steel production. They are used in the hardening and annealing of iron and steel. The product range includes furnace systems at operational temperatures of up to 1,300 degrees Celsius.

25th anniversary

Concurrently with this important step in the company´s expansion, BOSIO is proud to celebrate its 25th anniversary. The manufacturer and its subsidiaries have supplied approximately 1,400 plants since the company´s establishment. It all began in 1990, with two employees and the manufacture of the first melting and laboratory furnaces for use in hardening plants. Thanks to its increasing success, the company steadily expanded, becoming one of the leading furnace manufacturers in Central and Eastern Europe. BOSIO was able to achieve 90% market penetration in former Yugoslavia.

The plant manufacturer has been active in Russia since 2004. During this time, BOSIO was able to make initial contacts in Western Europe. The company head office in Celje meanwhile has 70 employees, who plan and manufacture custom-made furnaces. An additional twelve employees in Moscow serve the Russian market, which includes 180 currently operational plants. The employees are responsible for sales, assembly, commissioning and after-sales-services. Currently, every other BOSIO plant leaves company headquarters for Russia.

Collaborating with AICHELIN in India

The company´s continued growth led to an increase in size of manufactured plants. The main focus today is no longer on small laboratory furnaces as in the early years, when the company was established, but on individual heat treatment plants for large forges and steel manufacturers. The company has been active on the Indian market since 2010, where it collaborates closely with AICHELIN. The brand name of BOSIO represents quality, by virtue of its ISO certification and patents, its know-how and techniques. These can be adapted to the client's requirements and form the basis of long-standing commercial success.

Slovenian industrial furnace manufacturer BOSIO is a subsidiary of the AICHELIN group and ranks among the leading manufacturers and service providers in the metal heat treatment sector in Central and Eastern Europe. The company, which was founded in 1990, supplies large chamber furnaces, bogie hearth furnaces and chamber furnaces to large-scale steel manufacturing and processing industries. Primary export markets are Russia, (South-) Eastern Europe and India. BOSIO is currently further expanding in Western Europe. The company and its subsidiaries employ more than 80 employees.

About AICHELIN Holding
The AICHELIN Group, part of the Berndorf Group, is active in the production and after-sales-service of industrial furnace plants for various industrial branches as well as in induction heating and the manufacture of industrial natural gas burner systems. The group operates major production sites in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, the USA, China and India. The AICHELIN Group employs approximately 1,100 employees world-wide, and ranks among the largest manufacturers of heat treatment plants.

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