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Fri, 27.09.2013
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Sound pad for tinnitus (ringing in the ears)
New transmission method for neurostimulation, sound- and music-therapy
TinniTool MusicPad (Tinnitus)
TinniTool MusicPad (Tinnitus)
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Zurich (ptp009/27.09.2013/07:15) - Tinnitus, often attributable to neck muscle stiffness, can result in sleep disturbances. Both the cause and the effects of tinnitus can be successfully treated by acoustic pillow therapy (MusicPad). Together with our acoustic therapy CDs and the neurostimulation, optimal results are attained.

Thanks to state-of-the-art transmission technology, the two stereo loudspeakers built into the acoustic pillow generate genuine 3-dimensional sound including a high degree of resonance reproduction. The MusicPad acoustic pillow is fitted with connections for all currently available CD players, radio sets, stereo systems, etc.

The orthopedically contoured pillow is made of a high-tech elastic viscose material that ensures ideal pressure distribution at normal body temperature. This results in optimal positioning of the cervical vertebrae and the shoulder zone. The open-cell foam core structure guarantees the best possible interchange of heat and humidity. The pillow cover can be machine-washed at 30°C using washing agents.

MusicPad not only makes life better for tinnitus patients, but also for people suffering from general sleep disturbances, as well as the bedridden or disabled. It also lets you listen to an audio book instead of reading in bed, learn a language the easy way, or simply enjoy your favourite music in peace. And any case: it supports you more comfortably and healthily.

Suitable with symptoms like:
- Acute and chronic tinnitus
- Sleep disturbances
- neck tension
- Inability to displace the tinnitus from consciousness

Technical data:
Dimensions: 50 cm x 33cm x 10/8 cm
Cover material: 80% Cotton, 20% Polyester
Extension cable: 3 m
Plug: Cinch Ø 3.5 mm
Adapter: Cinch Ø 6.5 mm

TinniTool MusicPad: CHF 140.- / EUR 112.-

More information: http://www.tinnitool.com/en/therapie_moeglichkeiten/einschlafhilfe.php

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